Apologies for no photos this week girlies, we were too caught up in the fun to snap any! 😮 We’ll get you next week!!

A warm welcome to all of our new girls, we hope you’ll love being part of our pack!!

Unfortunately, we were supposed to have a Fireman come to visit this week so we could do our Fire Safety badge, but he had to work.. so instead, we did some crafts based on being a Brownie!

We all received our Brownie promise boxes, and decorated them with stickers.. these will hold our Adventure and Adventure On books, and Becoming a Brownie booklets for the new girlies, and we can keep all of our badges and things inside – ace!

We did a huuuuge alphabet with fun things we could possibly do at Brownies, and those who hadn’t made them previously made owl badges. We sang some songs too, and had drinks and snacks!

We also decorated foam hands, for our new Lend-a-Hand challenge – each day, we have to do a good turn (whether that be feeding a pet, helping around the house, being kind.. there are so many things we could do!), and on Thursday at Brownies, we will get a gem for each day we have done a good turn for. Lending a hand is a huge part of being a Brownie, and it’s great to be helpful to other people!

Well done for your fab behaviour tonight girls, you were stars. 🙂


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