Promise Night & Brownie Bookworms!

No photos again, looks like we were all super busy!!

Congrats to the 4 girls who made their Brownie promise tonight, and achieved their promise badges and certificates. We’re so glad to officially welcome you to 19th Blackpool Brownies! 🙂

As part of our Booklover badge, some of us went to visit the library yesterday, to choose some books. So today, we made thank you cards for the people who helped us at the library, made posters about reading and books and our visit, and made bookmarks, to keep our page when we read the exciting books we’re borrowed, and those of our own!! Cool!

We were a little bit noisy tonight, but everything we made was really pretty, and everything was done in the end.

Well done girls – keep reading!!



Apologies for no photos this week girlies, we were too caught up in the fun to snap any! 😮 We’ll get you next week!!

A warm welcome to all of our new girls, we hope you’ll love being part of our pack!!

Unfortunately, we were supposed to have a Fireman come to visit this week so we could do our Fire Safety badge, but he had to work.. so instead, we did some crafts based on being a Brownie!

We all received our Brownie promise boxes, and decorated them with stickers.. these will hold our Adventure and Adventure On books, and Becoming a Brownie booklets for the new girlies, and we can keep all of our badges and things inside – ace!

We did a huuuuge alphabet with fun things we could possibly do at Brownies, and those who hadn’t made them previously made owl badges. We sang some songs too, and had drinks and snacks!

We also decorated foam hands, for our new Lend-a-Hand challenge – each day, we have to do a good turn (whether that be feeding a pet, helping around the house, being kind.. there are so many things we could do!), and on Thursday at Brownies, we will get a gem for each day we have done a good turn for. Lending a hand is a huge part of being a Brownie, and it’s great to be helpful to other people!

Well done for your fab behaviour tonight girls, you were stars. 🙂

Gingerbread Challenge

Hi everyone!! We did our gingerbread challenge last week, courtesy of the Guiders forum!!

We got to do some really cool crafts – we made scrummy cupcakes and cookies, decorated some funky gingerbread men, made gingerbread man fridge magnets and did some fab puzzles!! We played a quick gingerbread jigsaw game in teams, too, which was funny.

Everyone got their challenge badge at the end of the night – a big Brownie well done to all!



Badge night

Today, we worked on earning some new badges in groups.. we’re working towards Science Investigator, Entertainer and Hostess badges! Some of us went into the kitchen and did some science experiments (including a few little explosions!), some of us designed lovely sparkly owl badges, some of us made up some fab dance routines and some of us made invitations for our Easter bingo night (and paper bouquets)!

Great work girls, everyone is well on their way to earning those badges 🙂 it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves too! Next week: Easter crafts.


Mother’s day crafts

Tonight we welcomed a new Brownie, and presented two of our new ambassadors counsellor Paul Galley and Radio Wave’s Ged Mills with their ambassador badges.. as well as doing mother’s day crafts. Phew!

After decorating cupcakes with icing and wafer flowers and putting them into presentation boxes, our pack also made mother’s day cards and teapot photo frames, to hold pics of our Brownies in their uniforms! Those Brownie mums will be getting spoiled.. we played a few quick games to end, and everything was made really well. Well done girls. :]

Also, a happy 16th birthday to Young Leader Emily for tomorrow from all of us at 19th Blackpool Brownies! 🙂


Happy world thinking day!

Hope everyone had a lovely half term.. unfortunately we couldn’t be at Brownies last week due to the power cut, but it’s great to see you all back.. with the addition of our two new Brownies, who have joined us from Rainbows this week – welcome! :]

World thinking day was on the 22nd, and tonight we were thinking of other Brownies and members of Girlguiding around the world, some who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves..

We made world spinners and owl tealights, and lit them for the girls we were thinking of around the world.


Bit noisy tonight girlies, but you made some wonderful tealights.. it’s great to think of others. 🙂 Next week is Mother’s day themed.. see you then!